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I had words with another poster from the same link.


“Sen. Obama is absolutely correct in his assertion that proper maintenance and tire pressure, along with conservation, would save as much oil as is expected to be produced from ANWR drilling. He did not pull the facts from thin air, he pulled them from a Department of Energy study, which states that some 3.56 million gallons of gas are wasted each day only because of incorrectly-inflated tires.

Add up the fuel savings available from proper maintenance, less aggressive braking and accelerating, and (god forbid) increased fuel efficiency in new vehicles mandated by the government, and then please reconsider.

Here are the government estimates of ANWR oil production:

And even if approved today, ANWR will not produce oil for several years.”

My Response:

1) ANWR is a small portion of the oil. We need offshore drilling as well, which includes a LOT more oil into the equation.

2) It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t produce oil for a few years. Few people realize that the price per barrel for oil is determined by trading on the futures of oil. And this trading takes into account the status of oil 8 years into the future. This is why when Bush lifted the offshore drilling ban, oil prices started to drop. So even if it took several years to get to us, prices would start dropping at the pumps in a couple weeks. Plus, we’d be a whole lot better off in 7 years!

3) You also added fuel savings from additional proper maintenance, less braking, less aggressive driving, and better MPG. Trying to make Obama’s point more believable?

– Julian


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I followed the link Chuck supplied in the previous post, concerning Obama’s belief that inflating our tires and keeping them inflated will solve our problem with expensive oil and dependency on nations who supply it. I responded to the quoted text below from a guy named Victor. Thought I’d share.


“How about scenario FOUR: which is a combination of scenario 2 and 3. The less oil we use, due to higher efficiency standards, the more the price of oil goes down.

But your too dumb to realize that. Kudos to you. You must be a Mccain supporter with no economic sense.”

My response:

Sorry, Victor, but this isn’t a zero-sum situation. The less gas we use won’t make a lick of difference, because the other developing countries of the world would buy it up just as quick, keeping it at $4 a gallon.

We need to drill as much oil as we can here, while we work vigorously for alternative, clean measures. No one is getting anywhere in this argument because everyone is so narrow minded as to think that it’s either one party’s solution, or the other. People can’t fathom that a combination of the two is possible, and probably the most reasonable/effective.

So, it seems that you’re the dumb one, Victor. Some liberals like you like to think you have common sense when it comes to economics, but can’t understand it when it doesn’t include the government in the equation.

Sorry. Hope you can carry on.

– Julian

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