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Senator McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin has brought this election to a time for choosing. The candidates finally squared and centered in the politically arena, I am more than content stand with the McCain/Palin ticket, which provides a man and woman of action rather than hollow words.

To appreciate the selection of Palin at its core, we have only to open our eyes fully at Senator McCain. McCain, much to my chagrin, is and has always been a maverick, breaking with the party, and sometimes conservative principles, to serve his understanding of America’s best interest. The campaign finance reform and the immigration debates should have taught us all that McCain is interested in serving his understood vision of the greater good, whatever the political risk. In keeping with this spirit McCain has selected an individual who is not of Washington, not even by train. He has selected a person whose zeal and competence have shown like diamonds in the rough. Sarah Palin’s gender is of significance only to the women who will grow to admirer her, yet it is her fierce commitment to the soul of the conservative movement that will make her an outstanding Commander and Chief in waiting.

For months I have followed Governor Palin, intrigued by her willingness to grab government by the nose and force it to work. Whether standing up to Republican Senator Ted Stevens’ bridge to nowhere or her zealous advocacy for American energy independence, Palin has tackled the issues that trouble our party and challenge our nation. The Governor has tackled ethics reform and public corruption in the spirit of the old saying, Let Justice be Done Through the Heavens Fall. She has neither bent to power or party, committed to the cause of public service no matter the consequence. This is the leader McCain has aspired to be, Country First, no matter the cost.

Further, it should be comforting that at least one party will have a member of their ticket who has served as a government executive. Sarah Palin’s time as a Mayor and Governor make her the lone candidate on ether ticket who has enforced the laws passed by legislators, upheld a budget and been charged with crisis management. It is amazing that following Katrina and disasters of her sort that anyone would think this nation could go without a strong executive minded leader at the helm of our government. As an admirer of the Great State of Alaska, I have come to know that the north country is challenged by a climate that is harsh and unforgiving. Calamity is a daily occurrence on the North Slope, making Alaska a unique training ground by fire. No other candidate, on either ticket, knows the weight of managing a crisis. As a nation we are lucky to have a steady and experienced hand at helm should we meet rough seas.

On Domestic issues the Alaskan Governor has also proved to be McCain’s kindred spirit on issues of taxation and budget control. The sad reality is the Republican party has come off its ideological moorings on issues of spending. To lead the nation, our party must realize our cause is to control spending not race the Democrats to the trough of waste. Sarah Palin has led the revival of the Republican spirit in Alaska, and has the credentials to do so for our national party. McCain has not picked the oldest, most experienced, most en vogue running mate, he has selected the best bearer of his ideals.

On issues of State, Sarah Palin also provides our nation with an executive who has shared an international border with one sovereign nation in Canada, and abutting the Bering Sea with Russia. Any person with an inch of depth in geopolitical history will know that U.S. Russian relations on the Bering Sea have never been easy. Russian and Canada’s stance on the Law of Sea Convention put Alaska in the crossfire of an intense debate over sovereignty disputes between three nations, all with undertones related to resource exploitation and sea passage. An executive who has been able to navigate these issues without incident is more than qualified to aspire to the Vice-Presidency.

This election the American people will come to a time for choosing. On one end of the ballot John McCain and Sarah Palin will stand with careers of work and accomplishment. On the other side Barack Obama and Joe Biden will have careers of words. As a nation who values “walk over talk” I am confident the American people will choose Country First and elect the McCain/Palin team to lead our people.

~ Ignacio


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“Drilling for more oil won’t fix our problem now. We need to invest in alternative forms of fuel.”

“Technologies in alternative fuel options are still far off, and integratiting the infrastucture to support these new technologies will cost way more than we can afford.”

Quit being stupid, guys. The solution to this problem is to do both!

If we start drilling for oil, it drops prices immediately. This is because oil commodoties is traded on a futures market. Want proof? When Bush lifted a ban on offshore drilling, oil prices dropped every single day for weeks.

If we invest heavily in alternative fuel sources right now, we’ll be that much more ahead of the game in pulling ourselves away from hostile nations we buy from and we’ll be more environmentally friendly. Maybe have a contest, funded by a goverment grand price, to anyone who develops a powerful, long lasting battery.

Who knows?!

But quit argueing about it on TV and on Capital Hill. We need people who just shut up and get to work. Not people who play “You’re wrong” games, then go home with no other accomplishments than having vented a lot of hot air.

So the solution?

1. Drill for more oil to increase supply and drop prices immediately.

2. Increase Research and Development in alternative, green, effective fuel sources.

3. Shut up and get to work already.

– Julian

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One word: “HOT”

A bold pick. A strong woman with a solid streak of integrity, and more executive experience than anyone else in this campaign. I’m inspired, and very happy with Sarah Palin.

Also, she’s hot.

– Julian

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“If he [Obama] really thinks that, by liberating Iraq from a dangerous tyrant, American somehow set a bad example that invited Russia to invade a small, peaceful and democratic nation, then he should state it outright – because that’s a debate I welcome,” McCain said to applause.

Sadly, Obama will lob talking points from afar. He’s too scared by his lack of substance to take McCain head on concerning this debate.


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John Edwards’ statement

Edwards admits he lied about affair

Edwards admits to affair, denies fathering child

Edwards Admits Sexual Affair; Lied as Presidential Candidate

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