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“Drilling for more oil won’t fix our problem now. We need to invest in alternative forms of fuel.”

“Technologies in alternative fuel options are still far off, and integratiting the infrastucture to support these new technologies will cost way more than we can afford.”

Quit being stupid, guys. The solution to this problem is to do both!

If we start drilling for oil, it drops prices immediately. This is because oil commodoties is traded on a futures market. Want proof? When Bush lifted a ban on offshore drilling, oil prices dropped every single day for weeks.

If we invest heavily in alternative fuel sources right now, we’ll be that much more ahead of the game in pulling ourselves away from hostile nations we buy from and we’ll be more environmentally friendly. Maybe have a contest, funded by a goverment grand price, to anyone who develops a powerful, long lasting battery.

Who knows?!

But quit argueing about it on TV and on Capital Hill. We need people who just shut up and get to work. Not people who play “You’re wrong” games, then go home with no other accomplishments than having vented a lot of hot air.

So the solution?

1. Drill for more oil to increase supply and drop prices immediately.

2. Increase Research and Development in alternative, green, effective fuel sources.

3. Shut up and get to work already.

– Julian


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